Safe installation of Pimax 5K +

Can anyone describe the safe method of installing Pimax 5K + today. Do you connect on a switched off computer or on? Does it matter? I understand that first we install PiTool and whether it is better to turn off the computer, connect the goggles and then turn it on. We disable antivirus programs, we have previously updated windows and nvidia drivers. Is there anything else you need to do? I would not want to see 10600 error …

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Will it be recomended to uninstal Piplay when migrating to 5K+? Or just keeping piplay for 4K in case 5K+ is not working?

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Please post yoir specs.

General Reccommendations

    1. Ensure Motherboard BIOS uptodate
    1. Ensure Motgerboard chipset & Drivers uptodate & installed from mfgr’s website.
    1. Latest GPU driver if installing Pitool 109+
    1. Install Pitool headset disconnected (reboot)
    1. Connect Headset & let firmware update.

Backer or pre order?

Pitool should still work on p4k.

You can have both but hsve to ensure only 1 of them is running ie exit piplay & kill related services before running pitool.

For simplicity rec uninstalling to prevent conflicts.