[SadlyItsBradley] Valve Index 2 goes WIRELESS!

Haven’t seen this shared here.

Speculation about Valve’s next HMD, SteamVR 2.0 and Valve’s wireless (standalone/streaming) HMD patent.

The puzzle pieces are all coming together. With the newest Valve patent being published for all to see, I can finally talk about how I speculate the Valve Index 2 standalone and Wireless PC VR functionalities will work.

Valve is working on their own version of “Air Link” with their own type of ASW (asynchronous spacewarp). But this reprojection system is unlike anything we currently have. And will account for even the latency that Wifi 6 adds to PC VR gaming.

I go over everything in this patent AND WAY MORE in this video.


Hmm…better late than never i suppose.

If I had to choose between Half Life Alyx 2 and Wireless index. I’d choose Alyx.


Too bad.
I had hoped that a new Index would have a higher pixel density and maybe a wider FOV.
Since I only play flight simulation games in a seated position, being wireless is less important to me.


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