Ryzen 5600X , rx 6800XT , 5k super and asus x570 motherboard issues & solutions

So, i recently got a 5k super,

i had several issue to get it stable as there was different problem from different part
and wanted to share my experiences and solutions to my issues

  • display port not connected ( if you have more than one gpu - in my case a nvidia GT710 and the RX6800XT )
    — i have 2 gpu in my machine, disable the one you are not using in windows devices manager and reboot

  • freezing due cpu issue
    —workaround in bios/uefi disable fTPM

  • lag/stuttering
    — disable rgb (aura off in uefi/bios)

  • various crash related to usb and/or power management
    — disable ‘legacy usb’ xhci hand-off in uefi/bios
    — disable power management of usb in windows OS
    — in steamvr put to never to shutdown controller , no to “shutdown controller when leaving steamvr” and never to "
    quit steamvr"
    — in steamvr audio set to “manual” and chose the one you use ( usb audio in my case for the kdmas) same for microphone

  • Also sometime i had tracking issues, point of view stuck on the floor or point of view stuck in the virtual basestation
    —rebooting countless time after countless room calibration ( in pitools then steamvr) NEVER did the trick …
    —controllers always on BEFORE starting steamvr
    —what worked like a charm is :
    --------- unplug hmd ( dp and USBs)
    --------- open windows devices manager → menu “display " show hidden devices
    --------- in the device list, all” greyed out" device are not connected, just uninstall them
    --------- reboot, replug
    --------- room calibration


p.s: pi_server always try to load nvapi ( Failed to init nvapi with error=0x-6 even if not installed)
perhaps is the source of device not working when the 2 gpu are enabled ( i have an amd and nv )
not a real problem as i use the 2 gpu only when i boot my multiseat linux ( dualboot ) but could be nice to dedicate the rx6800xt to handle VR and the nv710 to handle the desktop

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please let me know once you add pics and will see about adding a copy of your post to guides.

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