Ryzen 2700x vs 9#00k

Here are some Vid & Aticles.

PCWorld with Gamers Nexus Video 2700x vs 9900k

Tom’s Hardware 2700x vs 9700k



Thanks for the link.

Looks like Ryzen 2700x is great value and is almost up there with the best, and for a big price premium Intel wins, but you need to spend like almost twice the price for 10% more performance and for that you need to know what you’re doing trying for a 5ghz overclock.

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Indeed & of course to get 5ghz you need to ne fortunate in the cpu lottery.

Watching what is coming from Zen2 nexr year looks sweet. But so does their GPUs.

Am4 Socket will have at least 1 more year before Amd is likely to Roll out likely Am4+

It looks like Amd is getting back into real competition that is priced right & performs. If what I hear is true one of the new GPU will have 2080 performance or better at a considerably lower price point. Time will tell though; but articles on what is coming seem to support the projected performance gains. (Infinity fabric & such).