Rumors of a new Sony VR hmd for PC

So, I got this small piece of info from a VR streamer while browsing around (Not going to name him just in case). He said that Sony is going to announce a new VR HMD for PC on Monday. Reason we don’t know anything about it because it’s supposedly still under NDA.
He told it’s something of a PSVR on PC with better tracking, higher FoV and resolution. Nothing much else.
We’ll see if something pops up on Monday.
Thought you people might find this interesting.


Not difficult to have better tracking then a web cam tracking colors balls :wink:


I really love the PSVR, so damn immersing with that 120hz, resolution is so lacking but can you imagine a high resolution PSVR!!


Lets just hope they bring PSVR games to PC!


It never before…Sony for Windows things
Out of thinking !!!

Very interesting. No dobut it will be awesome from Sony

Don’t take this the wrong way but I’ll believe it when I see it, the announcement that is.

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What PSVR games? Everything’s already on pc cept for 3 as far as I know.

The VR X-Wing mission in Star Wars Battlefield - EXCELLENT! but yeah, 20mins long.

Astro Bot - EXCELLENT! but short.

Wipeout Omega - Also EXCELLENT! and a decent length since its 3 full AAA games in one.

It is strange to realize this, but at this point, more high FOV HMD competition would be good for Pimax customers as maybe then they would have to improve communication and their other failings a lot if they want to stay relevant.


99.999 percent nothing.

Astrobots on pc. Not sure how short but did play a couple levels on psvr and was good. I would guess there are more exclusives then that.

Sony make great HMD’s, I don’t mean the PSVR I mean the ones they were making before all of this, they called them personal viewers or personal cinemas. i had the HMZT1 and T2 models before VR was even a thing and was using trackir and a custom led fitting in my FPS games and even Elite right back at the start.

Their HMZ’s were absolutely splendid quality picture, Sony can do great things when they decide to. I’m really hoping this is real, I’d love to see what Sony could do for PC VR, whatever it is though it won’t be cheap :wink:


negative, there are a bunch more, firewall, farpoint, RIGS… and much more

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My bad :slight_smile:


That would be a dream if they would make a PC VR Headset, they did so a nice job with the PSVR, implemantig old tech and made it work well. Especially if you compare the SDE of the PSVR it has the best out of the old Gen Headsets, i’am pretty sure if they make a next Gen Headset you wouldn’t notice any SDE anymore and the image quality would be amazing,

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Agreed on the SDE, its superb!

Ace combat 7 vr missions would be very welcome on PC with proper hotas support.

£50 for 5missions/3hrs of gameplay is insane though, hence why I haven’t bought it.

I bought Star Wars Battlefield solely for the 20min VR X-Wing mission but I picked that up second hand for £2 :slight_smile:

Doing the math Ace Combats is £50/180mins = £0.27.7r a min and Star Wars is £0.10 a min.

3pm UK time… nothing yet