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Thanks for your hard work Helosurge. I think the “Pimax Competition & Other HMD’s” thread serves a good purpose. News on other HMD’s should be posted there as this is the PIMAX forum. We don’t need to be spammed by news threads on other HMD’s every day. What do you think?


@Heliosurge Sounds like a great plan forward, somewhat of a self moderation policy, but still with enforcing when it gets out of control.

A suggestion for something that worked out great on other forums I have been using is to use really short “time-outs” (as in 12-48 hours). When people get into heated arguments that crosses into the land of insults the thing that is usually needed is a bit of time away from the discussion.
No permanent punishments or “marks in their record” (except in extreme cases)
Hey I usually do it to myself when I feel like I’m going into it to emotionally instead of rationally, but yeah sometimes its just better if its enforced as it can be a bit hard to see it yourself.

@Davobkk I fully agree, “general” threads with a wider topic seems appropriate, it just a bigger scope of whats on-topic. Only negative about them I can think of is that the discussion can be a bit of chaotic and that they seem to be more prone to go off-topic.

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