RTX Video Super Resolution

Nvidia’s announcement has one particularly interesting feature: Super Resolution for video:

When I heard it, WOW ! This is the answer for me! Can imaging myself watching a 4k VR video that’s scaled up to 8k or more ! It’s like a dream come true !
I got my RTX3000 gpu. Now the only thing missing, is a high-resolution VR headset that can do 30 PPD or more. :smiley:

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improve the quality of any video watched in a browser

How do you watch VR video? In browser? I use HereSphere player. Don’t think it will be compatible soon.

I think this is a built-in feature for all the Nvidia hardware video decoding. Probably just something to check in the Nvidia’s driver settings.
If it can improve the Youtube video playback, it should improve all other video player’s playback.
If it can scale 1080p to 4k, it should be able to scale 4k to 8k.
I have high hope for this thing.

Probably same technology as Nvidia Shield which I have been enjoying for years. It basically turns a 720p to 1080p and 1080p to looks much sharper and details. I don’t think I can watch LIVE TV without it…no streaming devices can do what Nvidia Shield can…which makes everything sharper. Without it, things look a bit wash out.

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If it’s what’s on the Nvidia shield I had to turn it to medium setting as otherwise it was too sharp. Making things look noisy, grainy - oversharpened. Perhaps the algorithm is better now?

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Perhaps, but the real goodie is using AI to scale up images in real time. I saw some AI scaling and the results were amazing. If Nvidia can manage to do this kind of scaling with 4k videos, I am all for it.
Actually this is good for Pimax too. Crystal and 12k need this kind of technology to off load the heavy duty rendering.

DLSS, FSR etc already fill that role I thought?

DLSS need a game’s internal info to work.
FSR is not AI powered.
Only Video Super Resolution can scale up a video by using Nvidia’s own AI algorithm in real time.
Too bad now the driver is still not ready.