RTX 3080 or Big Navi? - driver support and more

Hello Guys,

little question: Should I choose the 3080 for a pimax Headset or Big Navi?

I am nor sure yet because of the some reported driver issues / problems in the past with AMD GPUs belonging to pimax Headsets. I want to ensure stable experiences and for that I would even take much less Vram with the 3080 instead of the 16 GB of Big navi. If I am not wrong, nvidia cards works in generall better with pimax HMDs than with AMD GPUs.

What would be your advice?

Thanks for your opinions :slight_smile:

Best Pascal

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nvidia has much better support for the features that benefit vr the most


Ideally you’d wait for both products to be out, tested and having their initial bugs ironed out and opinions from vr users and tubers.

But assuming you, like many of us, want it right now, preferably yesterday, nvidia has historically had less issues with pimax headsets.

That said there seems to be some rumors out about big navi being 16gb 3080 level cards so maybe it’s worth waiting to see where that is headed?

tldr; if i had to buy blind, i’d put my money on nvidia.


8kx work very fine wirh 2080 ti
Its better than 5k+ with 2080 ti


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