RTX 30 Series Discussion - Part 2

As you may know, the previous thread got closed at the max 1K replies limit: https://community.openmr.ai/t/rtx-30-series-are-made-for-the-8kx/30482/1005

So let’s continue the discussion here.


That’s a lot of replies.


Igor’s findings basically mean we must avoid Zotac and Gigabyte for not using MLCCs.

Both GPU manufacturers as a result have unstable cards in at least their first, maybe their second wave, and EVGA holds back while retooling to use 2 MLCCs as well?

Interesting development. Now that’s much worse than any hinges could be… :joy:


@SweViver I know you have a 3090 on the way. Would be super interesting if you could do some testing specifically with regard to vram maybe with your 2080ti vs your new 3090 to see if there are any practical scenarios in which having 10gb would make a card unusable for an 8kx owner. Would be extremely useful to anyone still debating between a 3080 and 3090. Also, thanks for all of your hard work on the pimax experience app!


RTX3080 OpenVr Benchmark With Pimax8K

Pitool RQ 1 / SteamVR SS 100%


Start a list
Some more cards here


PLEASE can someone find me where can I buy the nvilink bridge for 3090 and some 3090 sli/nvilink tests in games . :pray::pray::pray:

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No-Go, unstable cards by brand in first run:
6 Postcap

Stable cards in specs, but not fit for any OC:
5 Poscaps,1 MLCC group

Cards to use
4 Poscaps, 2 MLCC groups

Best OC behaviour
6 MLCC groups

EVGA’s statement: https://forums.evga.com/Message-about-EVGA-GeForce-RTX-3080-POSCAPs-m3095238.aspx
Now we know why EVGA cards were largely unavailable.

Zotac has already stated they have already retooled their prod run and held any cards already through, which will get fixed before re-release. Source: Igorslab


Good to read that EVGA did the right thing!
I’m still not sure whether to cancel my XC3 Black preorder or not. The 5+1 is at least matching minimum specs. And I’m pretty sure I wouldn"t get the card for 699€ again anytime soon, it’s 100-150€ uplift pretty much everywhere by now.

I ordered the Gigabyte Eagle oc…
And thinking about cancelling…


Me evga ftw3 ultra. Am I fuked? :rofl::rofl:

OK so EVGA did the good mixing, I remember that using a good mix with POSCAPs and MLCCs is not bad in terms of its effects and has some benefits over just POSCAPs so 4 and 2x10 seems a good solution also for OC, since a few POSCAPs can play an important role, if not only POSCAPs do the work.
My Electronics skills are rusty, but I remember that Igor also stated something like a good mix can have benefits.

Well nice that at least they did not sell the faulty designs.


You get what you pay for. Cheaper cards are lower quality, more expensive variants are higher quality.


I got my 2080ti ftw from EVGA - mainly because I wanted some more warrenty(upto 10 years) because I had some failing parts from Asus and MSI in a row and wanted some more reassurance. The MoBo, PSU and GPU are running nice till now.

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As suspected by many, the 3080 20GB will be a thing, if this leak is accurate.

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o no me too the 3090,are the cards faulty?

Why , its the best card afterall ?!

If VRAM is the main expense of the 3090, then expect the 3080 20gb version to be probably around the $1100 to $1200 range. So you’d be paying a premium for 10 more gb and 0% faster than the original 3080. Whereas a 3090 you get 24gb of VRAM and 15 to 20% faster. That’s why I chose the 3090 over waiting.


I saw benchmarks where it was more like 10%. Anyway, if you need/want 3090 go ahead, but what if 3080 20GB will be cheaper? And faster? (thanks to the larger memory).