Rotation glitch in Blaston, Blade and Sorcery U10, and Valheim VR Mod

I’ve seen another thread about this, but it wasnt so clear so I want to start a new one. I’m starting to get into Blaston a lot with some of my local friends but there’s a pimax glitch if I look back right (say 4-5 oclock with roomspace forward being 12 oclock) the in-game view flips 180 degrees back and forth back and forth, of course in blaston there are weapons spawning at that position and will cost the game most of the times if i try to use those putting me at a disadvantage.

Same goes for Valheim using the VR mod, if i look to that 4-5 oclock room-space direction the view will start flipping making the game just not so fun.

I’ve reached out on discord to the devs with no response. does anyone here have some more specific information on this issue? maybe if we chew their food for them we can get some updates to fix this on pimax.


Yes, I experience this issue. Did not get it with blaston but I haven’t played in a while so they must have updated it.

I have a thread here : Unity tracking issue - #8 by Melfalik
And this thread reports a problem which I believe is the same : Unity 2020 bug: Inaccurate Rotation when Looking Around & other incompatibilities

Long story short, everybody blames somebody else.

It really needs a fix since the problem keeps popping up in more and more games : Valheim VR mod, Blaston according to your experience, the U10 Blade and Sorcery updates reintroduces the bug etc…
You can get around it by enabling PP, but then you take a pretty significant performance hit.

@PimaxQuorra Can you try to get the engineers to give this issue a look ? Thanks !


Ah I have just had this with the new Blade & Sorcery U10 update. Previous version was fine.

Yes unfortunately.
I had it with 9.0 then it went away with 9.3 and now it’s back :frowning:
PP works for now. I’ll see if I can report it to the devs on discord. Unfortunately pimax users are not a big demographic and we’re not on the top priority list :frowning:

yall not on reddit?ive been annoying them for 3 days now lol about this bug check out my reddit posts i have videos and the b&s dev commenting.
the problem is every updated or new released unity game will have it and thats more than half of games,and it needs devs to fix it specifically unless pimax reports it or does something so it is fixed natively


I dont check the pimax subreddit that often, no.
Good to hear that there’s a “straightforward” fix, and the fact that g2 users also experience it will give more incentive to devs to take care of it.

But yes I don’t know if it’s up to pimax or unity to natively fix it, but it needs to be done.

there is a fix for it for the game devs .

"In case any developers come in here wondering about the issue, I’ve managed to isolate a workaround.

If using Unity XR or any interaction systems dependent on it, the camera object has a Tracked Pose Driver component on it, which defaults the “Pose Source” field to “Center Eye - HMD Reference”.

Changing Pose Source to “Head” should alleviate the issue with Pimax."

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and of course After the Fall has the same glitch and this one is already very heavy with a huge penalty to work around it with parallel projection, come on devs figure it out already

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