Room Setup Crystal

my crystal doesn’t save the room setup. I think I read something about it but couldn’t find a solution.
It must be reset after each start.
Firmware and Pimaxplay have just been updated.

Does anyone have a solution?


No solution yet. It was intentional on pimax 's part to require the room setup every time because it wasn’t saving correctly. They said they’re working on it

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oh thank you,
I can start something with that…

Mine start showing that after the firmware upgrade.

Funny thing is that if you just cancel the room is almost fine, just a bit to the left.

Mine did that till I realised I hadnt set room setup in Steam as well. Set up steam room and and its fine now when I boot up.

Unfortunately it doesn’t help for me, let’s wait and see

Hmm, worth the try !

Happy to report that it indeed solved the issue LOL.

Just close the Pimax room setup and go straight to the Steam Room setup.

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Somehow not for me, I ended up on the roof in SteamVR.
So wait and see what Pimax brings…

Yeah it asked me again today.

I just close it and it played fine anyway.

I received my lighthouse facial plate yesterday.
Works wonderfully and after I’ve done the stemvr room setup once, setting up pimax no longer bothers me when I start it.
very good, I’m satisfied.