RoadToVR Reviews Vive Pro


And Ben is NOT HAPPY. Goes to show he is not a Vive Fanboi as some have suggested when his name was put forwards as a tester.


Price is the biggest fail and I’m not buying into this ‘prosumer BS’. But why the hell haven’t they improved on the mic, the lenses and cable extension (assume they plan to sell proprietary cable extenders for $$$?). I accept there are some worthwhile improvements and I’d have considered it at half the price (£350-400 for HMD only) but no chance now. I just hope Pimax are observant of the issues other headsets have had that could be easily resolved with regards their own design.


And just realised the answer to one of my own questions, can’t extend the cable (after linkbox) because they will want you to buy the wireless.

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The one thing that stands out the most from these reviews is that god rays are more noticeable now. With new lenses I would have picked up a set regardless of price. That and the same controllers show HTC have verry little of their own hardware development going on and they rely on everyone else to make breakthroughs


Again really wonderful review. I’m really hoping Ben is among the beta testers. His opinion matters 10x more to me than some random youtube reviewer.