RoadToVR review

Ben from RoadToVR had some hands on time with the pimaxes at CES and wrote a review:

Seems quite positive, I had expected him to report some more downsides. Agreed about the misleading marketing claims regarding SDE, but I already know that Pimax won’t tone them down. Too bad because they have a great product and don’t need to mislead anyone to sell it.

Also interestingly he seems to have seen the 8k ‘wobble effect’ with the 2 CES 8k units, I thought this was fixed with some firmware update?

Other than that he seems really quite happy with it.


IIRC (assuming this is the affect @mixedrealityTV first mentioned in his review) , @SweViver determined that you can induce and remove the wobble affect on the 8K using different thickness of HMD pads. Seems some face shapes need different distances between eyeballs and the lenses.


I think Pimax have knocked the ball out of the park so far as expectations go, even my expectations didn’t really do this justice. it’s not perfect, my only gripe is there’s no deep blacks, but we knew this going in without oled. Everything else I am perfectly happy with.

Truthfully I was beginning to think that VR had died and become a massive flop after 4-5 years of supporting it with Oculus DK1 then vive for the past 3 years. The past year I have hardly used VR as the binocular vive with it’s nasty sde was just not good enough for racing sims and elite. At first it was a novelty, but after seeing the thousands of terrible indie cash grab asset flips for VR on steam I kinda just gave up. My favourite games just weren’t very good in the vive.

Fast forward to a month ago when I received this 5k+ and I am spending almost all my free time playing elite again, probably a couple of hundred hrs in a few weeks lol. It continues to blow my mind I am in space heaven. No more jagged aliasing in Elite, readable text everywhere, clean lines and detailed enemy ships just makes this the best gaming experience I’ve ever had I’m almost 50 years old and can remember sli voodoo 2’s so I’ve played a lot of games hahahahahha. Pimax have done themselves proud and I am so glad to have supported them through kickstarter they have not let me down :slight_smile: I am going to continue to support them and tell anyone who will listen how great this device is and how much I like the company :wink: Go Pimax !!!