Right Eye Pixelated [SOLVED]

For some reason my right eye is extremely pixelated on my headset while the left is perfectly fine. This effect is visible in the VR display provided by my games, such as boneworks, but its not visible in Steam VR’s vr view. This makes playing games very difficult as its very hard to see with one eye. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Here is an image of the issue. It shows up backwards on this, but you can see the entire left side is very blurry and pixelated. It looks more pixelated than blurry in the headset.

Try turning PiTool / Fixed Foveated Rendering off (the “Closed” option). This only seems to be an issue for some people. I’m not sure why it affects only a few people. (I haven’t seen it.)


That fixed it thanks! I looked everywhere trying to find the issue but I nowhere did I find that solution.

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You’re welcome.

That’s a problem (not yours, the search function needs improvement). I (and others) have mentioned this solution many times on this forum.


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