RFactor2 movments

In RFactor2 when braking and aceleration the car is moving and I am not. The driver should follow the movment of the car. It is very anoinig when braking, it feels like the dachboard is comming to my face.
Anybody who knows some way to make the movement following the car?

My understanding is that this is an ongoing issue with rFactor 2. The best you can do for now is set “Stabilize Horizon” to low. Yes, I know that seems like it should be high but low seems to be the best setting for most. At least, that is what I use.

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OK, thanks I will try that. Hope they can fix this soon, it is very disturbing.

deactivate g forces and put stabilise horizon to high.

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OK, thanks I will try that too.

Sorry, but I cant find g forces! Can you guide me?

I have it uninstalled really sorry can’t check it.
Sure someone has it and can find it for you :slight_smile:

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