Revive compatibility

so since revive is a hack to translate oculus to vive which works because they are basically the same

how can we get native 200 fov on revive

there’s literally no gameplay using revive

My other question, can we use controller stick with revive like oculus touch.

Revive doesn’t translate oculus to vive, it translates oculus SDK to steamvr which pimax supports.

yes but, from what i understand the render target is requested to be 2560x1440 so steamvr knows to render the viewport at the neccessery fov

would revive be able to request a viewport target wider than the rift is capable of? im wondering about the limitations of the oculus sdk

It shouldn’t be any difference, revive basically replaces the oculus calls with openvr calls (and does some controller switcharoo), the games other than that are identical.

i hope so but i wish they would show some robo recall played on pimax. or even echo arena because its free and would cost nothing for them.


yes can you PLEASE test echo arena using the pimax? @Matthew.Xu @PimaxVR ?

Please posted the name of the game here. We will count the votes of the game, thank you.

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I would like ro see a AAA game like Fallout 4 VR.
The problem is its not out now.

Whats with VIVE Games from their own store?
Can we also play them?

One of oculus AAA games !!

  • Robot Recall
  • Arktika 1
  • Lone Echo