Revisiting Shadow Legend VR In The Pimax 5K+ 120hz Mode

Today I am revisiting one of my favorite Indie VR games of 2019 and taking another look at Shadow Legend. I have to say I loved this game when I first played it back in my Rift CV1 and as I have been doing lately decided to give it another look in the Pimax 5K+ using the new 120hz mode and man lemme tell ya… I’m so glad I did!

First off the game is just amazingly detailed especially for something that was brought out by an Indie studio. Shadow Legend looks almost AAA quality and aside from the gorgeous visuals, the game also has a lot more going on with great gameplay mechanics and it even features voice recognition! Basically, you can speak the lines during conversations with the NPC’s and even though it is just reading from the screen this actually does add a lot to the immersion which for me was heavy in this one!

Playing this again in the Pimax 5K+ was an amazing experience and the Wide FOV and better resolution really added to the overall experience of the game and I can’t wait to revisit this one yet again when I receive my 8KX. I was also pleasantly surprised that even with the Vive wands used for controllers that it played very well… So if you are a Pimax user or have any supported VR headset then this is definitely one I would recommend adding to your library!

You can grab a copy of Shadow Legend here:


Oculus Store:


Thanks for sharing, mate. However, maybe its a matter of taste, but i find the looks (and gameplay) absolutely terrible of this game. Dont know what you were used to before vr, but to me this looks by no means as a game i would play for more than a minute.
No offense meant by the way!

I think for me it’s that it attempts to take on a more realistic look vs many of the other vr games in the rpg\dungeon crawler genre. It seems like most the other titles I’ve played have so been very stylistic and flat shaded and also didn’t have the level of interactivity that I’m seeing in Shadow Legend. Nice thing is that we can all have our own opinion on this and it truly shows the power of VR a ND gaming in general to where something can look amazing to one person and a not to another. []-)


I second that, we have a great community here! Whish you and all others an amazing new years eve and a happy and playful new year :tada::metal::beer::beers::grinning:

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Whats wrong with the graphics they look great!

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I did not look great to me, not realistic enough .:slight_smile:
But ok, will try it.

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