[Reviewed]#1201 The 8K has arrived

#1201 Dec 29, 2018. The 8K has arrived!

While I’ve yet to hook it up I can say that the unboxing was a much more premium experience than the Samsung Odyssey+. The box was nice and unscathed apart from what looks like a few scoff marks from a conveyor belt on the lid. And the headset does not appear to have any damage from transportation.

First impression is that it is smaller than I expected and even lighter than it appears. It does not feel cheap despite the lightness. The fit between the front and the back part could be a little bit nicer but I’m nitpicking here.

All in all positive so far, I’m looking forward to playing with it later in the day.


Congrats! happy to hear your experience as there are less 8k reviews


Hooking up can be troublesome (USB, connector on HMD not fully plugged in, etc.)
Hope it just works for you :crazy_face: Enjoy!


Congrats! Your title has bern updated! Enjoy. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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Congrats, will be interesting to read your experience with the 8k. Hopefully you will be as satisfied as I have been with mine. :+1:


Congrats! That’s a third of the way to me (# 31xx).

I can see “the light at the end of the tunnel”. I’m hoping that shipping will be faster, now that Christmas is over.


Ok, i’ve been playing a bit with it on my laptop and i’ll just drop some of my observations here.

First I had no issues at all getting it to work (once i remembered plugging the power brick in) so, yay!

I’ve not noticed any dead pixels so far either so, yay!

There seems to be a hair stuck behind the lens or on the panel so, not so yay?
I remember Sweviver mentioning taking the lenses out so I’ll have to look that up and hope it’s not actually on the panel.

The slight brightness bump possible with the latest version of the pitool does make steamvr home feel slightly more sunny.

I’m ok with the black level and colors in general but it’s obvious it is not hdr oled panels. I’ve not yet tried ED.

The laptop 7700hq gtx1070 does not seem to have any issues pushing skyrim with the large fov.

Compared with the Odyssey+ (because the thought of putting the vive on right now is not attractive) The image is more defined and crisp but it also means the individual pixels are more noticeable. I hesitate using the word sde, but compared to the the bigger more smeared pixels on the od+ it is more noticeable.

Anyways that is it for now. Questions?


Thanks, nice the setup was so easy, i guess you just have to be lucky with the motherboard etc. They must have gotten rid of the white suits :slight_smile: there was another one who noticed dirt behind the lenses.
So you say the clarity of the 8k is better then the O+? Wich one’s imagequality would you prefer besides the colors and contrast? Edit sorry for my english…


How is the bluriness?.Would you say it is a blurry image or just smooth?. How is the SDE and how do feel the pentile pattern of the LCDs does it bother you?.How comfortable is to read book and menus in skyrim?.Thanks a lot.Hope you really enjoy it


I’ve installed it on my desktop now and that was not as painless. But after restarting a few times the software finally sorted itself out. And yeah, they probably need to take a look at their clean room procedures.

Image quality is… difficult to judge, the 8k feels like it has a better definition but the od+ has less noticeable sde. I don’t think I’ll ever be using the od+ for gaming again but I might use it for watching movies.

I know the 5k+ is supposed to be more clear but I honestly have a hard time imagining how that could be. I do not perceive the 8k as blurry at all. I’m not bothered by the pentile layout, really not thinking about it at all. Books and menus in Skyrim VR are perfectly readable.

I know I say sde, but it really feels more of an texture which is only visible when you’re looking for it. It’s just a bit easier to spot in the 8k than od+, maybe when we some day get retina headsets with 16k per eye the world will be perfect.


Great :slight_smile: I tried the 5k and 8k and noticed the good clarity of the 8k too, its not blurry at all! There are still pixels but they are very fine. Nice to hear it will be your headset above the O+ i haven’t tried that one.