Review for Gaming Experience Event


Hello Community

Iam going to be Honest, since there is a chance of winning an 2080ti and some Redeemcodes for the Shop by convincing you all and get votes for the Poll. Oh boy here it goes…

I know Pimax since the Pimax 4K and all the diy sollutions for any sort of tracking and boy it was a waste of money and time … But the HMD itselfe wasnt that bad and the lesser Screendooreffect blew my mind.

Sadly i had no point of reference at that time and sold the 4k for an Oculus Rift and a functioning tracking. But now i HAD a reference of Screendooreffect and was hardly upset.

I took the rift all the way to 2019 and love VR so i bought the first Pi5k+ my dirty Hands could get a hold of on "The Ebay" for a premium of 999€ .

My innitial thoughts where that my 8086k and my third 2080ti (yes third damn you NVIDIA and your faulty Ram)

and 16GB of 3800 DDR4 on my Asrock Taichi z370 would be Powerfull enough to skyrocket me in

VR 2.0.

But NOOOPEEE there comes Pimax with their Dual 2560x1440P Displays and showed me otherwise!!! . … … . . … … or NOT!

Since i was used to the Pimax 4k PiSoftware, there was Room for improvements in the new PiTool and Yes there was/is. The Pitool was easy to install and even the connection with my lighthouses and controller worked flawless. I think it worked like charm because of the awsome Pimax community and the active Forum we all paticipate in and already read a lot.

So my recomendet setup for a Pimax 5k+ ,since Brainwarp works,

is atleast a modern Quadcore CPU a Vega 64/Nvidia 1080 16GB Ram and you are good to go.

Just let pimax rendering do its thing at setting 1 or 1.25 and let Steam do its thing @ stock , just activate Brainwarp and there will be no Problems performance wise.

If you are on better side of Hardware neverless the Pimax brings down every PC to its knees when the Supersampling is high enough. The Sky is … No the DisplayPort standart is the Limit!! My Friends :smiley:

The newest PiTool and Firmware eradicated most of the Hickups i had with the Pimax5k+.

Now i let Steam do its thing and set the Pitool renderquality to 2 and Bibedibobedi my System Rocks all games all Day long. I cant recomend the Fixed Foveated Rendering because its Fixed and nothing else.

If we can get any Foveated rendering with eyetracking then i will let me decide again.

The Brainwarp implementation works and just needs some optimazion to be as good as any smoothing from other VR Producers.

The games look as expectet but the expectations differ from People to People.

I recomend to read befor you buy there a some wild statements out there.

VR is still in its infancy and far from beeing truly Perfekt.

The Pimax is a more Advanced Vive at this moment with a littlebit less Screendoor effect but a much nicer and wider Field of View, not more or less.

The Pimax brings the feeling of emmersion to a wider Level (not higher)

In Elite Dangerous the roughly 170° FoV feels much better because the "Pilot" weares a Helmet, which feels right with the Pimax. Same goes with Lone Echo! Any Third Person game is immersive as well and floats my Boat.

But in Skyrim or Fallout its still not enough FoV, neverless its like we say in German "meckern auf hohem Niveau" (complain on a high Level).

Then we have the “not for the Pimax optimized” Games but thats not Pimax’s fault, just keep that in mind to.

So far iam Happy and maybe i sell my Pimax 5k+ and buy me a 8K for the lulz from a German reseller for warranty purpose. ;D

because as i read in Forum Pimax sucks at.

So much for the Story.

Now comes the Hardware Part and first my Con’s

The Plastic used for the HMD is a bit thin, i need to be very carefull not to brake anything and every time i let it drop, from not beeing carefull enough, my heart stops for while :smiley:

The Headstrap, yes, its a Joke… I bought this extra Strap from studioformcreative and call it a day.

I have a bit of lightbleeding throug my nose space and on both sides of my HMD but i can fix that with a better Cushion.

Which leads to the providedvCushion and again, Yes, its a Joke… i mean what is that? I cant wait until my 20mm Cushion arrives from "the Amazon".

With the provided Cushion there are no longer sessions possible it hurts and feels uncomfortable.


There are not enough possibiltys to adjust your distance from or to the Eye and the IPD callibration is a bit wobbly.

The Provided DP Cable could be 2-3m longer for a normal Room Experience and they could provide a second one or at leat sell them in their shop!

Thats all for my con’s, i got a good Unit

The Pro’s

I love the Design of it, i look like a Robocop on Steroids and more fleshy Parts, my friends think i look funny AF but who are they? Pimax less vermins!

Fun besides, i like the design its practical and where would you put 2x Screens at? But i better play with my shutters down… this way there is always the perfect weather for gaming.

The Pimax is compatible with ALOT of Cushions and equipment and this way you can make a comfortable and exciting Experience with it!

My Headphone Jack works so thats a good thing for me :smiley:

The Resolution is good, i mean, not "i can see a bird in a tree taking a dump, in 50m away" or even the Bird but there is a defined tree in the distance and i can disinguish any Enemy in sight.

I can use Virtualdesktop!!! Finaly i can read everything without zooming in like a madman and can read forums while having the HMD on! A great relief!

The dealmaking FoV is all ever wanted besides a bit better resolution and Pimax delivered.

My headset was clean and had no dead Pixels but that counts just for me.

There is one Point left its not Pro or Con

The colors are a bit washed out and the blacklevel is not that good BUT its an LCD Panel so thats a thing i knew from the Start so i take that Hit for sure!

I work as a Smartphone Repair Dude and an Amoled display costs too much to make this HMD affordable. So not bad not good.

All in all Pimax delivered (still not to all) a good Product which i can call VR v1.98b

i recomend everyone to try the Pimax and see what VR is going to be capable in near Future.

good work on that @ Pimax

i hope you all like this honest Statement and vote for me!

And to emphathise with my US voters

Make VR great again!