Reverb G2 or 8KX?

Would really like to hear everyone’s thoughts on the Reverb G2 fidelity verses the 8KX. I have watched the previews from Sebastian and Tyriel and indeed the G2 sounds great. Tyriel gave me the impression it wasn’t a huge improvement over the G1 and the colours were not better than the index. Sebastian is completely smitten. If you value clarity above all which would be the better choice?


We really have no way of knowing until the G2 is actually released and reviewed by people who have both headsets. Assuming that you are a person who has no problems with the optics on the current Pimax headsets, then you would also have to wait to hear the impressions from someone who also doesn’t have an issue with the current headsets.


I heard so many wow statements from MRTV e.g. about Index screen - didn’t remember any significant notes about problem of the screens (soft image, vertical pixels ripple, aliasing looks worse than on e.g. Pimax but bettern than on rift S etc).

So I hear many contradictory statements regarding my personal experience, although he also has lot of good points, but he is biased to views/advertising etc, it’s normal but such youtubers will sell what’s better selling not the best though./

Considering Sweviver TTL Reverb vs 8KX SDE is similar but is better for me as distance between pixels isn’t black but has sibling pixels colours, while on reverb it’s more prominent, not sure if it was changed in G2

kX has mura, not much but it’s minus
G2 - has better colours, contrast & blacks - which is big big plus, Pimax lacks saturation & contrast so much, but I have no 8 series HMDs yet, so 5k+ only
kX has FOV & that’s really beneficial for simers.

I anticipate that 8kX will have better clarity & less SDE visible but picture will look pale & ofc the usual Pimax optic stuff for people who can’t handle it (distortions, both eyes focus) - if you have Pimax & you fine with it then it’s irrelevant otherwise if you can’t handle it - only G2

Also G2 has better comfort & is lightweight which is big plus

Tracking sucks coz if you move LHs you need to recalibrate again & again steamvr controllers with non steamvr HMD like G2 - additional hassle + nasty MS software for starting VR, I don’t like it (having O+)

I would buy both, but I guess G2 is more beneficial for me as clarity close & more vibrancy which is what I can’t live without


G2 has 2 years of warranty


smalll fov …

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