Reverb G2 Aspheric Lenses

Here is the last video of @mixedrealityTV showing the sweetspot of his own G2, the one that HP sent to him to review in the first place.

I think that’s obvious that those are not fresnel lenses, they look Aspheric Lenses, what do you think?
That would explain everything.


I think it is easy to tell for @mixedrealityTV. Too bad he shot the video in a way it is not easy to tell for the viewer.


Yes, weird, Sebastian would have mentioned this if it had not fresnel lenses but indeed we can’t see any rings in the footage…:thinking::thinking:

I thought the G2 used more or less the same (dual) lenses as the Valve Index?


That’s reminded me presentation of G2 tracking through teakwondo movements. And why headset is in vertical position during filming?

Not sure what Valve did but I’m very disappointed with lenses and I’ve remembered that significant delivery delay was becouse of lenses. “Hp want give us even better lenses” according mrtv.

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They are all fresnel lenses and I am sure you had watched my subsequent videos on the topic. :slight_smile: cya


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