[Resolved]Same content displayed left and right side (issue)

Hey guys, so yesterday I received my Pimax 5K Plus headset. Super excited about it! After a while I got it set up and running. However, I am having serious concerns about how it is running with most games.

I’m struggling to describe how it looks, but it’s almost like it’s the same image on both the right and left side of the panel. SteamVR Home, Subnautica etc. work, however I’ve tried quite a few other games / experiences, such as ‘Google’s Spotlight Stories’, Gunjack and it is doing the same thing; displaying the same content on each eye.

I’m unsure if this is a Hardware issue, a PiTool issue, or SteamVR issue. If any of you can help, that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks heaps!

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enable parallel projection in pitool and retest. It could be the experiences you are trying are not designed to render to non parallel displays.


Are yoi a backer or pre order?

Games that image doesn’t converge/align properly usually as @RiftFlyer said need Parallel Projection setting on.

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Thanks heaps! Worked perfectly!

I thought that I already had tested turning that on, but I mustn’t have. Anyway all sorted now! Thanks you legend!

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Yes, i’m a pre-order.
Yes and that did work perfectly! :laughing: :+1:t3:

By the way, I ordered the base station and controllers with the same order. Is that going to be delivered later? You know what the deal is with that?

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Atm best guess before christmas. Last reported guess from @PimaxUSA maybe end of Q3. Though might be revised at GTC probably farther away but maybe sooner. Atm ancedotal info at best. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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Yeah, thank you. Hope it comes soon, but I understand their need to make sure it’s good. At the moment, I have no base stations and controllers, so I’m limited to seated controller / keyboard experiences and games… :expressionless: Still heaps of fun anyway!!

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