[Resolved] Pimax 5k stuck in firmware ugrade please help me

as title states. I followed the setup guide then it got stuck in firmware update for almost an hour. I gave up x ed out of it and now it just says disconnected. Please help :frowning:

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You can try these:


If you have any other issues you can check here:


C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime\Dfu.exe
to write the firmware to headset
firmware file:
C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime\dfudriver\p2.dfu

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I am thinking it maybe the cord??? maybe in my device manager the usb keeps going in and out with the cycling of the headset. would that be the cable?? I am at a loss with this thing… getting angry…

and if it is the cord how would i get it replaced? I have submitted a ticket with support but as of yet now response. oh how i wish there was a phone number to call???

Does the LED flash in RGB colors in a cycle, or what color is it? What does device manager in Windows says about the USB device (of the headset).

Try to disable PVR Home in PiTool, quit PiTool, and manually restart PiServiceLauncher.exe service (you can do it from Task Manager->Services tab)

Yes it flashes is RGB in a cycle fast. the device manager says STM Device in DFU Mode. and it goes away with each cycle of the headset.

I have no options in the pitool i have never gotten past the fist screen that shows the pimax and the light houses under it when i click on settings there is nothing

Does it happen even if you kill PiTool and restart PiServiceLauncher? And even if you manually stop PiServiceLauncher and kill remaining (if any) pi_whatever processes?

Yes it never stops cycling through no matter what processes i kill.

I am at a loss

Just few more ideas:

  1. Manually stop and disable PiServiceLauncher. It should make sure no other pi_whatever runs and should make sure it won’t run once you restart the computer.
  2. Disconnect the headset + disconnect the headset power.
  3. Reboot the computer
  4. If I am reading correctly your USB config, you might have an AMD chipset (I have x470 board myself), so after you boot the computer, power plug the headset and connect the USB into the red USB port (if it was not already) - 3.1 gen 2.
    EDIT: If you do not have a red port, connect it to 3.0 USB port.

Let me know, if it still cycles in device manager.

i do have an AMD chipset. RX 580 no red ports i have blue?

Ok, then just make sure it is USB 3.0 port and not the old one USB 2.0. The point is to give it as much bandwidth as possible. You have two USB controllers listed in the device manager: USB 3.0 eXtensible HC and USB 3.10 eXtensible HC. You can try the one and then the other (figuring out which port corresponds to which controller might be a bit tricky though).

the flashing does mean is in dfu aka update mode, nothing to worry about
the unusual in your case is the “flashing” of the device like it is constantly disconnected or restarting, thats the thing you have to fix first
after exiting all pi* programms and stoping the service PiServiceLauncher try different usb ports and see if the dfu device keeps “stable” in the device manager

i have just tried every usb port on my pc and they all do the same thing :frowning:

try to disconnect all other usb devices and see if that changes anything
you can also try to install the newer dfu driver from here

not heard of any cable problem like this but to make sure you can also disconnect and connect the cable on the hmd, there is a youtube video showing it

I have been trying to download the st.com file but it keeps cycling me through where i put my email in and it sends the me email then i click on the link and all over again… I am just about ready to cry

oh I also redid the cable like in the video twice already…

Can you manage to uninstall the device “STM Device in DFU mode” in the device manager?