(RESOLVED)Pimax 4k not turning on / no led

Hello all,

I just got my Pimax. i bought it from someone who just it a couple times than it just went unused and he sold it to me.
So it did work before.
Now i installed Piplay and connected the headset. but no reaction from pc or headset.
I have checked and update drivers and version of piplay and my nvidea 1060.
still no reaction.
Found on the forums here about the manual firmware update and there i got stuck after unpacking the files where i try to open them it is missing dll’s
Also i found that there might be a usb loose inside, so i opened the goggles and found the usb connected i did however find the flat cable thing that is just behind the front cover loose and clicked it back on top where it belongs.
I hoped that this was the cause of not detecting the goggles but no there was still no sign of live.

My main issue now is the manual firmware update i think.
The led starts flashing like crazy the pc can than see the goggle but the program need to do the firmware update is missing the dll : STDFU…dll STDFUFILES.dll STDFUPRT.dll

Please can someone help me to get this problem solved?


Please firstly press all physical buttons at the same time (do not connect the headset), and then just plug the USB cable of the headset to a port 2.0 / 3.0, and then loose power button after 8 seconds, meanwhile keep other 2 buttons in 8s, then loose middle button and keep pressing the last button in 8s,
then you should see the light is flickering, it means the headset enters to DFU (Firmware update) mode. If not, please operate above again.

When the light is blinkering, please send ID & Password of Teamviewer to me, I would like to assist you remotely.

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Hi all,

This issue is now resolved.

Doman from Pimax team hes helped me out very well!
He supported true Teamviewer.
He was very patiently and willing to help solve all the issues regarding the HMD.
Never i have seen such a good service from a company!

In the end i think what he did is install new firmware true a older version of Piplay.
Although it went not all it should, Doman was able to find a way to make it work!.
After that he was willing to stay in Teamviewer to assist in setting up the correct drivers for Nvidea and as i like to play War thunder he gave some advice for setting up things for that as well.

So very good help from there side.
And only for there service a reason to buy from them again!!


Pimax (Doman)

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Ready to be assit remotly with team viewer

Can you give me a time good for you to use teamviewer together ?