[Resolved]Just received new headset after faulty screen of my old one

Thanks pimax for shipping me a new headset but it seems like the new one you sent me has a display port issue it must have wiggled around because its on but no screen. diagnose (10500) I wiggled the display port cable and it managed to almost solve it.

The issue is how its placed.


I cant wiggle it out because its like clipping into part of the headset itself and I don’t want to do anything to forceful on it.

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Just press down gently on the plastic part. It will bend.

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Ah I did but its still not helping hmmm

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You have to wiggle the cable a bit for it to come loose.

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Yeah It came out but it doesn’t seem to have changed much, I am going to try reinstalling drivers.

Interesting changed the usb port seemed to work.

I think problem is solved now, It musta been a double issue of wrong usb port plus a little wiggling.