[Resolved]Issue with screens on PC2

Hello i got my headset yesterday. Played Project cars 2 and the screens dont feel right like they are to far apart or Close. I know i have an adjusting roll but i Think its something with the game that isn’t right. I cant consentrate at all. Makes me sick and i have to play with one Eye closed. Looks like the screens are pointing in two different directions outwards left and right. What is wrong with this?

Hello Dennis
You have to click on Parallel Projections anyway, then you should adjust your Ipd, eye relief. Then, you have the latest Pitool .111 and Pimax HMD firmware .193 on it. Runs fine with it. You also need a fine tuning with Pitool and SteamVR, depending on the graphics card you can set higher or lower. But you can also read here in the forum everything …
I only have one 1070, but ProjectCars 2 runs fine.


Thank you very much for the info. Im horrible bad at this so im very happy to get answers so quick.