[RESOLVED]Almost 6 weeks and still no refund for controllers and base stations

I requested a refund for the base stations and controllers on Feb 13th took support more than 2 weeks too respond after posting to these forums, flash forward another 2 weeks I get a notification that the money has been refunded on March 15th, flash forward again 11 days still no refund… and radio silence… this is not acceptable IMHO, support should be one of there top priorities god forbid I run into a issue with my 5k+ (knock on wood). I think i’ve been patient enough 6 weeks and nothing? come on.

@mozi @anon74848233

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what does it say here ?

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My 5k+ has been delivered 3 weeks ago

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Added Mozi & Dallas to your post. Mozi just recently stepped into the after sales & will be able to look into getting this resolved. Please post your pre order number & supen number.

My Order P1192 and the SUPEN-1947.

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Is there any updates on this?

Added another poke sorry for their missing this agreed too long in waiting. Only plus they can’t say your controllers have been shipped.

@seanverkempinck Sorry for the inefficient customer service, I will follow this and solve this problem for you.

Please accept my sincere apologize for this inconvenient

Glad to see that your order has been refunded. Please check your account.

Please contact me if you have any problem

It still has not been refunded to my account, I have just checked again. this isn’t resolved.

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I still have not received the money, Also there is no pending transactions from Pimax to my credit card.


Thanks for the help, I just got the refund.


Your welcome. Sorry for tge inconvienance. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: