[Resolved]5k will not work at 90hz

My 5k+ seems to work fine but will never operate at 90hz, If I try to set it at that refresh rate the left screen will show image for about 2 seconds and then both screens go completely dark. I have tried different pc’s, different versions of Pitool, different DP and USB ports but nothing. I’m at my wits end, can anyone help? Is it a broken cable? The headset otherwise works perfectly (at 72hz).

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Well, this forum is pretty much dead…

What is your GPU,please?

Hi, I have a MSI 1080ti Gaming X, on my laptop I have a Gtx 1070, have tried both, same problem.

What is your pitool version?

I’m using r19

Do you mean cannot switch to 90Hz in pitool?

I can switch to 90hz but when I do the image appears on the left screen for 1 sec and then it all goes black and doesn’t work until I switch back to 72hz.

Please export log to doman.chen@pimaxvr.com,we need to check about it.

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Ok thanks i will send it as soon as I am able