[Resolved]5K+ received yesterday: doubts/problems?

Hello guys,
In short…:blush:, my status with my 5K+ received yesterday and my doubts/questions:

Once Last PiTool version downloaded and installed my 5K+ immediately start up and automatically update the firmware version.
Than, looking inside the HMD I’ve seen a rocky environment with the Pimax logo showing the IPD scale of values adjustable by moving the wheel. So I could adjust it for the best.
At present I’m still waiting for the Pimax base station and controllers than I could not go on to complete the setup.
So, I’ve closed the PiTool panel and turned off the HMD.
Restarting the PC and turning on for the 2nd time the HMD, I do not see the rocky enviroment with the Pimax logo anymore.
PiTool panel on the PC show me (see the picture 1) but looking inside the 5K+ nothing appear and not even scrolling the wheel to adjust the IPD I can see the Pimax logo with the scale value as the first time.
Using the volume buttons on the HMD, nothing change looking inside but a little volume bar appears on the PC screen. Please note that the same thing does not happen adjusting the IPD.
What does it means? Am I’m doing something wrong or what else?
Moreover, keeping it on without doing nothing for an hour or so the screen has gone from a uniform light blu color to what You see in the picture 2 (artefact???)
This is my first HMD VR and I really don’t know how to proceed at least to understand if it’s normal or not.
Thank-you very much in advance for any possible advice to help me see if the HMD has some kind of problems or how can I test it in the right way.

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You still need to complete setup. Using the guide below. Turn off Lighthouse tracking & perform room setup. Just click through until you get your height where you can manually enter height.

From there you can enjoy a variety of seated experiences with a game pad (ie Xb Controller)

A free good short game WarRobotsVR (free on steam)


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Thank-You for the answer.
Following Your suggestion Rocky environment is back:slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve complete the setup (calibration and so on) still to understand how to find the seated experiences You are talking about. Probably I must install Steam VR to download games and experiences. But one giant leap… has been done. Thanks again

When in steam store look at VR programs.

Play Space: Seated\Standing\Room Scale

Seated Experiences will usually have Game pad as a control option.

WarRobotsVR is an example of seated experience.

Car & piloting sims are usually seated experiences.

5k+ or 8k? Backer or pre order?

Once more thank-you.
this morning I’ll make a Steam account to download a kind of virtual desktop to use the HMD as a monitor (I think/hope is working so…) and than I try to download the experiences. I’m keeping my fingers crossed hi hi… .
Anyway, mine is the 5K+ and I’m pre order (october 2018) P#1036
Have a nice day.

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Your very welcome. & thank you!

Here you might find some free content of innterest.


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