[Resolved]5K+ microphone doesn't work, a couple questions

Mic does not pick up any sound, even after boosting the input volume. Other than this my 5K+ works flawlessly.

  1. Is this even an issue I would be permitted to send my HMD in to get repaired for?

  2. Regardless of the answer to the first question, is this something you personally would send in your HMD for? I don’t play a lot of social games/apps, but I have been enjoying OrbusVR lately and the non-working mic is occasionally an annoyance. OTOH I’m not sure I would want to be without access to my shiny new gen2 VR HMD for that long. Thoughts/opinions?

(Sorry, I made a duplicate topic in the other subforum.)

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Have you checked Windows & steam to ensure usb mic selected?

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers.

Yes, both are set to ‘Microphone (8 - USB Audio Device)’.

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Will take a look on mine again. In steamit doesn’t show sound?

Fpsvr i know allows you to toggle mic on & off.

Correct. No sound input showing in Steam, Windows, or anything else. I even tried the regedit method and Peace to boost the microphone volume, but it still picks up nothing.

If you need a mic later down the track you’ll be stuck with needing to somehow attach it to the hmd and run another cable…so yeah I’d want it fixed.
Flying is always better with a wingman so a mic is a must for me.


Indeed standalone BT mics are hard to find. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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So should I go ahead and submit a support ticket? Nobody knows for sure if this something Pimax will allow a repair for?

If tge mic doesn’t work thst’s s clear defect. Only thing to try is on another oc to verify mic still diesn’t work.

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So the microphone is working after all. I figured out after other microphones weren’t working either that it was a Windows 10 issue, thankfully not a problem with the HMD. Tip before anyone else panics: if you’re running the newest update of Win10 (1803), then be sure to check your privacy settings if your microphone has stopped working. Microphone access for both the device and apps needs to be on, though you can turn it off for individual apps still.

Very relieved. :grin:


My PC is not picking up ANY mic from the PIMAX. Only mic options are those from the motherboard onboard sound driver (realtek high definition audio) - which works fine.

But cant mute or unmute something that cant be seen by Win10… is there a driver missing/faulty firmware installed/something I stuffed up in the very convoluted installation to make it work the first time/ or is it physically faulty?


Is this the issue?

I hope this will work for me. I had a panic attack yesterday because I thought the next problem was coming. Will try this today…

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