Resident Evil (vorpx, full 3d)

Sooo, just want to let you know that new version of vorpx software supports Resident Evil on PC with full geometry support! I’m really excited and going to try it with Pimax right now!^^

That’s awesome! Have to buy vorpx; be interesting to compare with psvr.

Atm Ethan Carter VR(dlc) is a good compare. It has the same issue as re7 in vr; head movement is mouse look instead of being head look. I found Ethan Carter not to cause the nausea effect re7 does on psvr.

Ethan carter has good native vr support

Yes i think its awesome as well. On reddit i think it was ppl gave it a bad review because head movements are mouse look instead of head look. Re7 on psvr is the same.

But with Pimax i don’t find i get vr sick from it like others on vive/oculus were complaining about. Psvr re7 tho within 15m start feeling off.

I suspect its caused by the lower resolutions.

All “adapted” games do that as i know, there is no better solution. I dont like it too, however its not so annoying while playing a horror game ^^

Thats what i figured as well as the dev would have to retool the game to add new vr head look lol

Anyone tried this? I just got vorpx, any tips to get it working? I just get a crash on loading.

Sure, we (me and my friend) already finished that game long time ago when the vorpx support was added.
Game crashed every 3 hours, however that was not a big problem to restart it. Try to run the game and vorpx with admin privileges.

Ok, Will do, cheers!

Got it to load. Think the problem was steam in-game menu. What settings do you use?

Cant remember exact rates, i guess it was Full HD with x16 ingame sampling (x16 means 1.6, if i remember right anything below x10 will downgrade picture)
You can try to activate DSR and look at higher resolutions, however playing with settings and overtuning might crash the game too quickly, at least thats how it was by me, so i decided not to tune it and just play it ))

p.s. other video settings didnt affected picture so far, except for some strange feature with “frames” in the name (type of frames processings or something like that). Advisable, gives a lot of fps and almost no visible picture degradation.

Tried higher res and it works pretty well. Just lowered all graphics settings and it still looks good. The default res is too blurry.
Can’t get rid of black bars though. Any ideas?
I think the frame thing you mention is something for vive, found out last night it caps the fps at 30 on pimax.

No, i meant in-game video settings, they are not designed for VR at all.
FPS is capped due to vorpx “fluid sync” (vorpx menu ingame). Needs to be disabled in each game separately, enabled by default.