Resident evil new vr mod(2,3,7and 8),post your settings here please for the pimax

The great mod has now been released for resident evil 2,3,7,and 8

You can get it here: Release Initial VR and Scripting System Release · praydog/REFramework · GitHub
Please support the maker off this mod…

Its a pitty the pimax needs parallel projection for these games,it taxes too much performance( maybe @PimaxUSA can contact the maker off this mod).

It looks insanly good but it needs more performance.
For me the best setting was to turn on compulsive smooth to 1/2 and on 90hz,but you get alot off ghosting when moving your hands.

Also turn off in the mod menu the vr vignette…
I hope we can find a way to get more performance with the right settings because its fun…

One think dont forget,the cut scenes gonne break your vr legs…


I am away from pc, but:

If you can not use high resolution, reduce fov.

Or use foveated rendering (in pitool).

Try fholgers Openvr_fsr. GitHub - fholger/openvr_fsr: Add Image Upscaling via AMD FidelityFX SuperResolution or NVIDIA Image Scaling to SteamVR games

Try fholgers Openvr_foveated (instead pitool foveated), now there is second way for fixed foveated, RDS, much better then first way:

(link edited)


Played RE3, I upped the graphics options in the game (can’t remember exactly what i changed).
In pitool used Small fov and 1 quality, 60Hz.
Steam ss is 100%.
It looks great and is smooth (3080ti).


Doesnt 60hz flicker too much?

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By the way those dogs in resident evil 3 look scary as hell in vr… lol

I don’t notice any flicker at 60Hz thankfully.

They do! I got a good close up look at them.

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resident evil 3 seems to run better then 2 somehow… its realy fun…

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I’ve tried out RE2 and RE7 so far. I’m using 60 hz with FSR and SteamVR set to 70%. I’m using Potato fov right now. I only have a 1080ti and 7700K so had to turn settings down since PP is required. Both games look incredibly good even with these settings. RE7 is running completely smooth in some areas with a just a bit of repo in some areas. RE2 is still stuttering just a bit but is perfectly playable for me since I don’t get motion sick even with un-even performance. I also tried RE2 with my Quest 2 and while performance was better it just looks much better with my 8KX so I’ve been using that. I need to try small FOV to see how it runs but even Potato is giving me much more FOV than I get with my Quest 2. I tried playing RE7 with vorpx in the past but just couldn’t get a satisfactory experience with it. Now I’m getting an experience equal to what was originally intended on the PSVR with the added benefit of incredible graphics. Everyone needs to try these games out. Praydog has really done an amazing job with these.


okay no need for parallel projections anymore…they fixed it
just copy and overwrite the files…


great news!

the games need all the power that you have

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In case anyone was unsure, I can confirm it works on RE:2. On a 2080TI running at ~2200 using high FOV, Pitool @ 1 and SteamVR @ 46%, it’s often flirting with 90fps. The bigger issue performance wise is CPU-based FPS drops, which I’m not sure what to do about, but already it’s day and night vs how it ran with PP on.

I disabled DOF/motionblur, set all shadow-settings to low or off, particle lighting low. Have to get to work now so I can’t confirm the other settings, but next time I play I’ll try to catalogue everything for here.

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on how much do you got steam vrsampling?

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Good call. Should’ve included. I’ll edit the OP, but it’s Pitool @ 1 and SteamVR @ 46%.

Man those zombies look realy amazing in vr, i set my pimax now on small field off view(still bigger then all the headsets out there) 75hz steam sampling on 70%…

Its a blast…

Great! thanks for posting the news!

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This is really awesome, this modder rocks! Going to try this too, going to buy RE2 & RE3, this guy is making Capcom money, they should hire him.

I also checked out the code snippet that fixes the parallel projections. It struck me that it’s basically just one line of code: Support Pimax without parallel projections · praydog/REFramework@3663a26 · GitHub

Should not be too hard to do this for other games (if they’re not heavily protected by anti piracy/debugging code). Just get the viewmatrix and find the eye transform
Actually makes me wonder why there’s no one here on the Pimax forum doing this for all VR games. There seems to be a whole scene out there of people doing this stuff to cheat in games, like: [Help] How to get view matrix in the game?


It’s one line of code, but finding that one line and understanding how to fix it took up 99% of the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


makes you think parallel projection should actually be a code injector (and watch us all get banned from multiplayer games haha)

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For sure :slight_smile: But it’s not that difficult if you know some basic assembler and reverse engineering :slight_smile: Although back in the days when I was hacking the pimax firmwares on this forum it struck me that I seemed that there were no other guys on the forum joining in (which I had hoped for). For example So maybe there’s no one else here who’s into that.

You may not be aware but I believe @koochy_rat is the person who made the mod change so he’s speaking from his experience :slight_smile: