Resident Evil 7 Played Through Full Game in Pimax 8k

It can be done!

I feel like I accomplished something.

Spent the last two days playing RE7 using VorpX profile in the Pimax 8k.
Started the Not a Hero DLC working.

What a game some say 10hrs to complete. No way I would say minimum 20 hrs. Incredible and stressful experience. When finished I had the feeling of completing a marathon and crossing the finish line.

Good luck if you attempt to play this game with a high resolution hmd, have a few clean pair of shorts handy, my advise, and its not easy to get through with ammo shortages in other limitations. I had played it well over a year ago and had forgotten so much and had never fully completed it. So seeing through to the end with the Pimax was great.

I really shouldn’t be promoting this game since CapCom left us PC users high and dry without anyway to play it.

Its only VorpX that I have to thank.

edit: for info. purposes RE7 has G3D support and a full VR setting using VorpX. Its the setting I used in my playthrough.


Your a better msn than me i shit my self with walk the plank lol

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Respect!! …

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Thats funny I played the whole game in G3D mode full VR setting. Since I don’t play any other way.

my bad, i have missundestood thinking we were talkinga about new resident evil 2 (remake)
res 7 is indeed very good game with vorpx

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I dont know if I just get so wrapped up in the game but even the 2D is pretty damn terrifying. I tried VR for about 10 minutes and had to turn off for my “health”! :confounded:

Just wanted to add this here from comments to a fellow Pimax user in a pm this am about RE7 and my experience using VorpX and the Pimax 8k in regards to quality.

I’ll try to answer your question and as with anything I would say it improves directly with the amount of time your willing to invest in getting it set up correctly. It is definitely not a plug and play experience especially not with the Pimax. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by Quality. If your talking about performance, resolution, scaling. Game play, and story are fantastic yet I feel to difficult even on easy setting in VR if your playing using VorpX and first time play through or 2nd.
If you need more details with set up please ask quickly because I’ve already moved on to a new game using vorpx an old favorite I’m trying and less stressful.
I was able to get overall quality pretty decent but definitely not buttery smooth if you need that then I wouldn’t bother or maybe a certain setting on my computer or in game was off. So many variables if not adjusted correctly will just not get you there. It was good enough for me and actually I would play it again this way everyones different so it really is a subjective matter. If you like horror games and don’t mind tweaking settings and have a 1080ti and good computer set up for gaming go for it.

what profile did you use?

isn’t there a first person mod for re2 that makes it work well with vorpx? I could have sworn seeing somthing on youtube about that.

I bought today RE7 and vorpx.
Please can you share your Profile?
I have a 5k+.

I’m trying to remember that was 21 days ago I posted and have since moved on to playing now mostly SkyrimVR and Fallout 4VR. I believe i used the Vorpx profile for that game and made many adjustments in the vorpx settings requires some modifications unfortunately can’t remember of the top of my head what those were. I know this is probably not to helpful if you would have asked earlier I could have given more specifics on all parameters. Sorry,good luck anyhow if you are going to attempt it, no easy feat let me tell you, to get through the game unless you have played it before.:grimacing:

Hello, i tried to played RE7 with my pimax with last version of vorpx, but impossible to have correct view inside. i have different screen in lens, i tried to put re7.exe in pitool and activate Parallele projection but same problem. i remember i tried 1 year ago and it was ok. not enough good to play (for me). but it was ok, but now impossible to have normal view in my pimax. Does someone know how to configure vorpx for this ?