Reshade 5.0 officially includes VR support W00T!

It’s official, dudes!

In addition, this marks the first release with VR support for games using SteamVR. ReShade creates a separate effect runtime for VR, so you can configure different effects for what is displayed on the monitor to what is displayed in the VR headset.

Even better, the VR instance can be configured right inside VR, using your existing VR controllers! Simply open up the SteamVR dashboard in-game and select the ReShade icon to be presented with the ReShade overlay.

VRToolkit Shaders for Reshade


Thanks for sharing! This is great news, can’t wait to revisit some games and try reshade with them. I swear I spend more time tweaking games than I do actually playing them.


The FSR/NIS hack which used the OVR setting could be used with reshade, but it’s depreciated now unfortunately.

Apparently you can get perfkit and reshade 5 to work

Huh, interesting. Will have to give that a go later then.

I’m assuming that the dxgi.dll for the Perfkit has to be renamed to something like openGL32.dll for unity based games? That was the case for reshade.

Reshade won’t work with vorpx will it? I know ENB doesn’t.

Please explain “ENB”, is that also useful similiar to 3Dmigoto, VorpX, or something?

ENB is graphics enhancement via dll injection or wrapper. As vorpx does similar, they conflict so that neither work.

Couldn’t hurt to try