[Request] Pimax Vision Silicone Face Cover

Hi @PimaxVR, @pimax, @PimaxUSA, @PimaxQuorra,

summer is coming :slight_smile: again in a „few“ month and yet i did not find any update on my old topic regarding the requested hygenic silicone vr cover:

Sadly it was closed due to inactivity last summer.

A cover similar to this one would be very nice, also taking into consideration to make the sides of the face foam a bit closer to the face. For me there is still a gap on both sides as the normal face foam seems not to fit for „my“ face.

I helped myself by ordering a (2 parts) face foam on aliexpress. It is not to bad, but I really would like to exchange this one with a silicone part. This would also help to show the 8KX to family and friends.

Something similar to this would really push the joy while using my 8KX:

VR Cover - Silicone Quest 2 Cover

Can you please create a silicone cover or work with vrcover on a pimax version for this.

Looking forward for this cover from pimax, vrcover or other brand.

I do hope that i am not the only one looking desperatly for this.

Or did someone else find a silicone cover in the meantime?

Best Regards

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