Request 19699 issues with being understood by support

Good morning,

I am backer 2322

I have submitted a ticket (19699) to get the upgrade plan F but I also have a complex pledge. I pledged $1069 on kick starter because I wanted 2 extra base stations and other extras.

Here is what I asked in my support ticket.

  1. I want to KEEP my 5k+, no upgrade.
  2. I want to get my extra 2 base stations that I pledged an additional $160 for in Kickstarter.
  3. I want my downgrade (to 5k+) coupon so I can use it later on the Pimax store. (wireless or eye tracking)
  4. I want the **Upgrade plan F and use the rest of my extra pledge money against that and pay the difference.

$1069(Total pledge) - $799(8k full package) - $160(2x base stations from KS) = $110 USD Left. I want applied to the plan F so I should have to pay $60 USD plus shipping for my Plan F upgrade.

Now how is this possible? As the straight plans from the website do not work with my complex pledge.

Could Pimax send me a $110 discount coupon i can use with plan F?

Please help me as I have gone back and forth with support many times now and they do not seem to even understand what I am asking for and just reply to me with go on the website to buy an upgrade plan. I am worried at this point that I might miss the upgrade time limit with just asking and asking.


Edit 27/11/2019: I just received another email from Sally to what I posted here verbatim and she is advising me that I cannot use the downgrade coupon for upgrade F. I re replied with the fact I understood that but it was the EXTRA pledge money that Pimax had already received from me I was referring to. I also asked if I was going to get my extra base stations sent. At this point Pimax could just refund me the $110 on my credit card and I will just purchase the upgrade full price.

Also in the event Pimax does not intend to honor kickstarter extra pledges for base stations then just refund me the full $270 and again I will sort out my purchases.

Can someone here possibly get in touch with Sally and help her out? I feel there is a language barrier here. Again I am not unreasonable I just want what I paid for and if not just give me my money back and I will purchase separately.

You are my only hope!!!



Sadly, I have a similar issue. After watching the Pimax Day 2 with @SweViver, it stated that if we had a “one-off” type issue, to create a support ticket. Basically I backed an 8KX, then added a full package upgrade, then added another set of controllers and another head strap. I created a ticket and a few days later was told about Plan G. The response did not respond to the question of what about the additional items/options. I responded to the email again with a detailed explanation of what I backed and paid for. Three weeks later, I received another response from the same person (Sally I believe), with the same response that I received previously about doing Plan G. So I have to respond yet again but I will quite possibly get told the same thing. @PimaxUSA are you working on tickets as well, as if this is a language barrier, then that might be a reason for the large backup of tickets. If people have to keep responding to tickets that are not getting answered, that will just add more work for you and more frustration for your customers. Having support in various regions all jump on tickets in their native language could remove a nice chunk of these tickets that need multiple responses. My support # is 20012. Also, is there a way to actually see this ticket? I know there was before they were changed to this new system, but now I just get direct emails from Sally. Thanks.

Sad to see you are in a similar predicament…

I know @PimaxUSA said complex pledges would be looked after. At this point I feel like the clock is running out on me and everyone else that do not have simple upgrades through the website bundles.

Kevin if you see this please help or delegate someone to help please?

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