[Replied]What’s happening

My friend who pre ordered in the U.K. a few weeks after they opened the sales received his 5k plus on Friday. I have seen the pictures to prove it. I really am very disappointed. I knew the pre orders were going out but not for someone who lives a couple of miles away from me!!! Why haven’t we received our headsets??? Don’t tell me because of my post code please. I know it’s a kickstarter and we got a good price but we also took a gamble let’s not forget that. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


what happened? , you’re being screwed over based on financial considerations rather than loyalty…like the majority of original backers.


My friend didn’t even want to tell me as I’ve been harping on about my pimax for months and months I’m pleased for him but I’m also really p*ssed off. He also said he received no confirmation or any email. I will not go on or post on this topic again.


ask him if they gift wrapped it too ffs :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


If he looks carefully at the label can he see where your name was scratched out

Joking !!!


just unbelievable…

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Only relief is that he housing is constructed like a mission impossible tape. The clock starts ticking once you get it :smile:



Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied,You are free to cancel your order anytime before shipping starts,we will send emails to double check the canceled orders to offer unconditional refund. no questions asked.

About Shipping

We understand how eagerly the enthusiasts want their hands on the devices to really immerse in the virtual world. We will do our best to speed up the delivery,The first batch of pre-orders is estimated to be dispatched by the end of Jan 2019

Whats happening?
I have been trying to find out, no luck.

I think @dillanski might have guessed it right.

Edit. In the other thread


Please be advised…


Really bad decisions by @PimaxVR

They should have shipped to ALL backers first, THEN when that was done, ship pre-orders THEN retail

Instead they gave a 1 month grace between backers and the rest.
Then they had production issues
Then they had cracked units
THEN the have the dead pixels

All this slowed down backer shipments.
YET they didnt not delay pre-order shipments!

Add the fact that they then decided instead of shipping to other backers, they would use units which had been shipped for other backers to be used as replacement units for the above faulty ones!

Completely disastrous decisions by Pimax which has been VERY detrimental to backer who have waited over a year for their units and still do not have them!

This is insulting and disrespectful to the backers who helped them get this product to such popularity!
Not forgetting they most likely would not have received all of that $15mil from the Chinese government grant it is wasnt for so many backers backing Pimax at the kickstarter!

Yes we backers got it for cheaper and we get the kickstarter rewards.
But kickstarters are supposed to get unit first, not last!

I backed the kickstarter twice, both full 8K units!
I am now sitting here wondering why did I bother INVESTING $1600 in this company when they have just fobbed myself and other backers off in favour of pre-orders and retail customers in Korea!

Again this is the biggest INSULT Pimax can give to backers!


Backers get economy shipping.

Pimax has said all headsets, of the 5k+ and the 8k have been produced and shipped for backers as of shortly after cny.

Economy shipping can take 2-12 weeks.

If backers havent received their headsets by the middle of may then they have a right to complain.

Pre orders likely had to pay extra for faster shipping, which is why they would be receiving them earlier.


Gotta love that $50 usd economy shipping.


I paid extra for shipping, why is it sent via economy shipping then? But ofcourse all the stretch goals need to be shipped too. Then likely they will all be shipped via economy too.

Or maybe because they are smaller packages they can all be shipped to the overseas warehouses and be packaged and sent off from there?

Who knows.

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What. Are you talking about the boat from china to wherever? That’s not equivalent to shipping out from the warehouse to customer. This is mis-information.

The strech goal are assumed to go slow boat. The headset is not I paid $50 shipping purely to ship the headset. All stretch goals including shipping for them are free.

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Did you create this account name especially for this situation we’re all in?

You pay a 50 dollar kickstarter shipping fee but it doesnt specify what kind of shipping you get on kickstarter when you pay it.

Pretty sure pimax has already said its economy shipping for backers, it’s not misinformation that economy can take up to 3 months, but it usually comes within 14-30 days, so hopefully by march 15 everyone receives


Your assumption isn’t what’s been stated, 7-10 day shipping to EU/US which was also mentioned would be impossible via ship.


No it’s a name a choose when i realized approaching everyone with cycnicsm gets better results than optimism.

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