[Replied]SUPEN 1470 still no reply - dead pixels in center of right eye. Still cannot access support account

SUPEN 1470 - Submitted photos of dead pixels in center of right display weeks ago, still haven’t heard back. Also, my support account was apparently one of those affected by the recent hack attempt and I still cannot access it, nor create a new one.


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Well i think it was over month ago now maybe 5 weeks, I raised it that I couldn’t get into support nor pw reset nor make new acct with same email with Dallas… I waited for some updating but nothing happened.

I moaned a few days ago and Heliosurge says maybe it’s been fixed or something at some point somebody mentioned something…bleh bleh bleh… I haven’t yet tried to recover my account as I would really rather receive the pw reset link Dallas promised me weeks ago, which has still not happened.

This product is great but you could run support/customer service better with a skeleton crew of dead monkeys :confused:

Yeah, same situation here. I figured they were repairing the website damage so I gave them some time, and then Lunar New Year happened, so… more time. But, I’m getting really concerned now and would love to at least hear an update.

In the same boat. Pimax support is non existent when you can’t even get support to get support! Lol


My 1080ti died a couple of weeks ago, bought from ocuk, had it almost 2 years, one phone call and I was emailed a postage label to print to send back free within 2 minutes of getting off the phone, they then tested the unit found it faulty and within 10 days had mailed me back saying they had sent the card back to manufacturer for repair/replacement and if they couldn’t do that within 28 days I would get a refund…for a product I bought 2 years ago…this is customer service :wink:


So I just read the “PimaxUSA Answers Questions” thread and I do find it helpful to see there are a number of things happening behind the scenes. I get that their staff is orders of magnitude smaller than the big companies and they’re ramping up. And they’re setting up some dedicated support centers. So, hopefully this is just growing pains and not a preview of future business. I’m really pulling for Pimax as a company and I respect that they actually delivered their kickstarter and have pushed the boundaries of VR forward. Just need a ping to let me know my issue isn’t ignored or didn’t get lost.

Agreed, about the great customer service with your 1080ti issue. It can make or break a company and turn the community against them regardless of how good the product is (cue stories of major VR competitor, solid product, terrible support = massive loss of goodwill in community–> leading to (I’m sure) a big boost in Pimax sales).

Me to man, I love their product. However when I look at the OCUK it’s a small unit probably don’t employ more than 10/20 people lol and that customer service was just what you would expect. Thing is people keep giving Pimax break after break after break like they’re a new company just started, they’re not. They’ve been selling their 4k for ages and tbh a basic ticketing support system should have been in place when they started that product like 3 years ago or more, so I’m looking at this and just being happy the product is good I backed, I was going to buy each one of their other models too, seeing teh customer service nightmares and in fact not even being able to log into support has already stopped me clicking buy for about 2 grands worth of stuff off them :confused:

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Hi,you can send the photos to alan.sun@pimaxvr.com again.
We will reply to you soon.

Thanks, they are sent.