[Replied]Split screen and double images

So i setup my pimax 5k+ and launched oculus echo vr game and i see double as image is slightly off on both screens and i turned on parallel projection setting and launch game again but it instantly crashes, tried another game and there is so much lag with parallel on but without parallel its fine, btw i dont have base station yet, only vive vands, base stations coming tomorrow, my specs as follows. @Sean.Huang, @Heliosurge.

I7 7900x, zotac 2080ti, 32gb ddr4 3000ram, asus x299 apex motherboard, 1tb 970 pro nvme samsung, any ideas.

Oculus support through pitool & revive might be broken.

With Lone Echo if it requires Motion controllers it might be crashing due to no roomscale.

I would rec waiting til you have LHes to use with wands & headset.

Another user has had trouble using revive with this title.

Pitool 106 might fix this once released (hopefully)

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When parallel projection turned off it doesn’t crash but double vision, but crashes with it on, i will try again with lhes tomorrow, thank you.

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What is your pitool version?

.95, still dont have lighthouses though

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Got base stations and setup everything, setup was fine, installed the latest r103 version and still see double and some games crashes with parallel projection and some games like gorn and versoceicket are still fuzzy and not well focussed on screen, any more ideas, and btw whats piplay for?, And a debug comes up after game crashes says expected argument i and gives a list of arguments below that and nothing else. @Sean.Huang, @Matthew.Xu, @Heliosurge, @PimaxVR, @anon74848233

Do not install Piplay. Piplay is only for Pimax 4k headset.

Can you post a screenshot of debug error?

Verify ipd. If you can post your system specs will help.

In the banner topic there is a link 5k 8k directory. There you will will find useful links.

@Heliosurge, ok uninstalled piplay, my ipd set to 68, specs as follows.
I7 7900x, zotac 2080ti, 32gb ddr4 3000mhz ram, samsung 970 pro nvme, asus x299 apex mobo, everything stock no OC.

When a game crashes it shows a box with expected argument “i” and below it it lists / and an alphabet and lists the name for each, its not really a bugsplat, i tried playing few games, installed revive in hopes it will help me, steam games work good but little fuzzy, one screen looks sharp but other looks dull and if i tilt my head down it looks better but oculus games like robo recall, Arizona sunshine that i tried lag severly and button presses register anywhere between 2 to 6 seconds and worsen gradually, have no clue what the problem, btw installed r131 pitool and it updated headset firmware and don’t know if it messed up something.

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Which version of Windows are you using? 7 or 10?

Window 10 pro, should I worry about firmware update .103 made to hmd.

Cool I am running 1033 with the 191 firmware. With Oculus titles might need to wait for next release to see if it fixeds some oculus issues. I can’t atm test too much on tge Oculus side. Should have my home inet setup by wed/thurs.

@Heliosurge, @Sean.Huang, @anon74848233, @Matthew.Xu, I uninstalled both tool and play versions, removed everything from appdata, reinstalled and now games dont crash but controller button actions don’t work correctly, i tried reconfiguration in steamvr and used revive and it launches game but i keep seeing app waiting on the bottom of screen and when i launched direcrly through pitooo they launched well but unable to maintain framerates even with 2080ti and with motion smoothing and fpp on its even horrible and button actions on controller broken in pitool.

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Yeah It seems like we might need that now Feb 27 (was originally slated for Feb 18) release of pitool as for some reason Oculus support seems broken.