[Replied]Really hard to connect 5K+

My HMD will never connect straight up, it always takes several minutes of switching the unit off and on again whilst restarting PiServiceLauncher in task manager.

Anyone have any idea why?

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From what I hear that’s very normal. Sorry it’s not helpful for you.

My question is what are pimax thinking going retail in this state? Do they like getting the headsets returned?

They’re introducing motion smoothing reprojection and fixed foveated rendering into the software before getting the software to just run on most rigs. Retail sales need the software to just work on most rigs. What use is motion smoothing when customers can’t even get the hmd to turn on?

More decisions that are just mind boggling to try to understand.


Hi have a 5k and it connect without problem in few seconds after i turn on the PC.

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I just cant tell if my connecting is random or if has something to do with the Piservicelauncher PID.

what is your pitool version?