[Replied]No reply from courier or pimax on RMA

had someone confirm that my 5k+ is faulty by using teamviewer, was told i would be contacted by support.
confirmed my phone and delivery adress, but were approaching 2 weeks now and i have not been given any info for sending the headset back to the UK warehouse, and a replacement headset wont ship untill the old one is sent back
can someone chase this up for me please?

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i am waiting more then two months for a new one,they just dont reply…

I wish you good luck!

We have replied to you on your ticket,please wait for the new replacement patiently.

Last reply to my ticket was 25th Feb
How long should I continue to wait patiently for my headset to be picked up?

Still no reply on my ticket and no contact from a courier

I’ve been told I have to send it back myself and they’ll refund the postage…

I haven’t been given any info where to send it!
And at this rate I do t trust pimax to refund anything when they do t care enough to reply to support tickets
@anon74848233 can someone please update my ticket?
I’m not 2 weeks from recieving a completely bricked headset and have no idea what’s going on.
No-one has collected it, I have no address to send the headset to.
I’m getting g really frustrated with this, and I’m gonna have to recommend to my friends who were thinking of purchasing to avoid pimax. This customer service is absolutely garbage

@Doman.Chen if you could update also

I will ask after sales colleague,please check later.

They changed the status, but still no reply
Please tell me why this is taking so long.
I am honestly at the point of considering reversing the charge on my credit card to get a refund from this, as you have broken consumer rights law in the UK with the way this faulty item is being handled

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I had the same issue. They tried to fix it over teamviewer but couldn’t after 3 hours of trying. Then they told me I will receive a new headset and that DPD will pickup my old headset. They asked me for my adress and when I’m available for pickup. A few days (nearly 2 weeks) later I received a mail where they told me that that I should send it back to the UK warehouse and that they will refund the shipping costs with paypal. They told me the user experience wasnt great with the pickup service.
The headset is now on it’s way to the warehouse and I’m waiting for the replacement.