[Replied]Need to purchase new Displayport cable

First of all, the headset is amazing and I really enjoyed the few hours I got to experience it. However, I have severely damaged my displayport cable. First, I inadvertently bent the head of the displayport cable that plugs into the GPU when removing it. Feeling distraught, I then tried to fix it myself and made it worse. It is now severely damaged and beyond repair.

I would like to purchase a replacement DP cable. I did mention this in another thread, but it was suggested to me to create a separate topic. I am unable to create a support ticket since the account creation page is down. I am hoping an admin can create me a support ticket for this issue.

Thank you!

Support site down.

@anon74848233 @Doman.Chen can likely help you with this request.

Which headset did you receive? Backer or Pre Order?

Pre Order for Pimax 5K+. Thank you.

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Please PM me with details,thanks.