[Replied]Issues in Onward

Onward right now seems to be rather buggy on the Pimax and I really think the Pimax team needs to look at it.

The whole game is covered in a gray haze, the edges of the screen doesn’t render properly with flickering polygons, the fire suppression effect is double vision and also the wrong color, not black buy light gray.

This is not the fault of the screen, all other games I’ve tried, and even the steamvr lobby has much much better blacks than onward has right now. There are even a few selected textures in onward that look good, such as the beretta that’s black.

Please fix this.

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Are you using the parallel projections compatibility option? That can help with weird stuff happening.


Which headset did you receive on…

He has the 5k. 20 or so.

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I have the 5k but these issues are very present on both.

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I can’t say on Onward. But yes can’t see it working better on the 8k.

When did these issues start to appear ? We know that Onward was performing marvelously when the beta testers reviewed the M2’s and I have not heard of it earlier, so it is not an issue of it never having performed properly.

You’d perhaps need to scrutinize if a new PiTool (or SteamVR) version or rather a new Onward update caused this issue. Depending on the outcome you may have to approach the Onward devs…


All I know is that both pitool 89 and 90 has issues


Came here to confirm.
Lots of unnecessary culling happening on the perifery of our vision in Onward. Probably some low FOV optimization from the developer. Not sure if this is a Pimax issue but I noticed similar things in SteamVR home, so it’s probably got to do with SteamVR being unprepared for such wide FOV.

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I made an image showing the problem.

Top image is beatsaber, bottom image is pitch black in Onward, both photographed through the lens on my 5k.



Hi, We have already tested it on Pimax 5K Plus/8K, the black level performed different from OLED, like what you have said it is covered with some gray in the beginning menu display. If you start to play the game, it will be normal display.
But compared with the OLED screen, you could also found that 5K Plus/8K could display more details on gaming display, e.g. in the beginning menu picture, pimax could see the tank by right side, but OLED not clear.


Thank you for looking into this but I’m not sure what you mean?

I don’t compare against OLED, I compare the 5k against itself, Onward has a rendering problem in the Pimax headsets that other games do not have.

The image I posted above was 5k beat saber, vs 5k Onward blacks, if the blacks in Onward were as good as in beatsaber there would be no issue. I also played Contractors today on the 5k, it’s a huge difference. There is no screen limitation that makes Onward look this bad because the screen looks great in other very similar games.

This is a bug in the pimax driver that makes Onward behave badly.


Its not normal display in the game, everything is grey haze all the time, menu and in game.

Also your list of parralel projection games says onward is compatible but if you have this off there is loads of problems with objects popping in and out in the periphery, so you have to use the slow version.