[Replied]Invoice value for current headset shipment

Good day, @anon74848233

What value does the Pimax indicate for the current shipment invoice?
I paid $799 for the full 8K set + $77 for delivery.
But the “8K headset only” pledge costs $499.

Here, in Russia, from 01.01.2019 the duty-free limits is reduced from 1000 to 500 euros/month and now I have to pay 30% for overrun. I suppose to indicate in order invoice only the cost of the headset is a very reasonable solution from Pimax to their backers.


Can you tell me your backer number?

#2779… and 20 chars more

Same here. Backer 1014


I’m still a backer number #2779… any news about invoice question?
Thank You.

Only few backers need to pay extra VAT.

1.The logistics partner and oversea warehouse will reduce most of the risk of pay extra tax.
2.we will write low value on box


Thanks for the answer.

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