[Replied] I want to return the old headset and get new replacement

I am waiting the email reply about returning and new replacement.

My email is bubbleball@xxxx

  1. Can I ship by EMS because DHL has much cost?
  2. I will return one and keep old replacement for comparison with the new replacement, I am not sure that the new one will be the best after get 2 bad units right now and I have to spare my money for custom+returning cost for a lot of times.
  3. Please check to be sure that the new replacement don’t have any problem, please test it seriously for the backer who get much replacement. If all is perfect, I will help to paid custom and some returning cost by myself (but please use the lower cost shipping).
  4. After I get the new one, then I will return the old replacement back, but if the third units still have same issue, I will considering about this again.

First unit (Will return this first).

  • black dots, dead pixel, cracking housing

Second unit

  • No black dot, but more bigger dead pixel and cracking housing.
  • Solve blinking dot by swap the cable with the first unit already.

The most I am serious is the “black dot”, if I get the new one with “black dot”, it will give me the worse experience than the second unit.



@Sean.Huang will reply to you asap.

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Already get the email, thanks.