[Replied]I tried with 3 earphones, the Jack earphone hole seem have an issue


After My snow flickering image cable issue, now a new problem: when I wanted to try the jack port with earphone, no sounds …The sound doesn’t work well and I need to move the jack to hear some soun !

I think there is a problem with my left jack hole sound in my Pimax.

And As usual, no way to create any account for the support !!!

@PimaxVR can you help me to replace my headset ?

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Please create a ticket from support: https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback


Thanks you for your advice but the page always display "Error

“Signup is not currently available” So please give me another way .

I cant use any earphone with jack with my headset

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Creating support accounts hasn’t been possible for over a week. PLEASE TAKE NOTE.

I know this is not a resolve but it can help you get sound until they fix your hmd. I’m in the same boat. You Can use your hmd like this but I heavily lowers the resell value as you can’t sell it with one sound channel working

Just a dab of solder. If you do it make sure it’s not too much as you just want to fill a little of the recessed part of the jack. Then insert the solder part facing down so once inserted just spin the jack around to you right as that is what side the connector is on.

Thanks a lot for your advice, I just send last thursday my headset and I’m waiting from news from @pimax and @doman.chen

What headset are you using? Please make sure it is a stereo jack on the end not the jack that also has a mic ( i.e L+R+Mic )… If you look at the plug and there are 2 black bands, you are good, if there are 3 you are using the L+R+Mic type… This can result in one channel not working as it does not line up with the stereo jack positions.

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