[Replied]I think my pimax 5k+ screen already failed?

I am not sure I literally put about 25 hours into it everything was fine and I turned it on today to find this.

Looks like an issue with the screen, maybe its something else that can be fixed. It really saddens me that the lifespan of these headsets could be days.

Double check that the dp cable is properly plugged in.


I have 3 display ports on my gpu, all give the same result. Monitors are perfectly fine.
Everything passed on the test, the headset worked fine before.

Any other ideas?

Update, Now the right lens is flickering.

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Have you checked if the cable on the headset side is still seated correctly?

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Yes he means ensure the DP connection on the headset (upper LHS) is seated correctly

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Looks like its seated fine? Unless I am missing something

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I am guessing that it could also be software related, but reinstalling software other than wasting time and getting frustrated probably won’t help. Just if you are running out of ideas.
If you’ve got the PiTool Beta you could downgrade to .91 or .95 . Also reinstalling display drivers maybe?

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I guess I’ll try, might as well do whats in my power to solve the issue before possibly dealing with RMA

Just to be sure, the best way to check the seating would be removing and reseating. Is that what you tried?

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The cord looks like it can’t even be pulled out? I tried pulling to see, with a bit of force. I am worried that its not even suppose to come off.



I’d RMA that headset right now tbh. Seems like you’ve tried most things. Hardware fault IMHO

Yeah, I might but I’ll try and do what I can to find a solution before that.

Good luck…

Good luck!..

Pulled the cord out and re put it in, reinstalled pitool, reinstalled steamvr. Uninstalled windows mixed reality, updated nvidia drivers.

Still have same issue.

@anon74848233 maybe you can help me or have any ideas.

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Have you tried to restart Pilauncher service ? (stop service, count to 5 and start it again)

YES i had problems like yours and restarting the service fixed it.


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I think HW failure too.
Ummm… For fun, try the new Pitool beta build and change the hz and see if something changes.


The team won’t be back in the office til the 11th.

If you have a multimeter test wall plug. If you have a 12v 2amp min wall adapter try it as well.

True one user installed 103r191 & it fixed an issue he was having.