[Replied]I have white points on screen on Pimax 5k plus

I have problem with my new Pimax 5k Plus
I have white points on screen.
My friend said that on his computer headset was working good. He sent me headset, and after setup i have white points on screen. i used HTC vive before.
Im sorry but i cant check that on other computer headset working good, but i think that could break down while travel
Please look on movies. Possible somebody know what is wrong with headset.

I try send request to pimax support bu login is not possibile
i sent also request to pimax email but obody answer from few days.
i don`t know what suppose to do it with my problem.

That’s a cable issue.

Check that it is seated well at both ends. In the headset and in the PC. The cable is removable from the headset even though it does not seem to be.

Also check this thread : https://community.openmr.ai/t/pimax-official-cable-replacement-request-flicking-white-dots/16544/1 .

Unfortunately we are all having similar issues with the support site etc. I suggest posting in the above thread.

Thiis 5k+ is the one your friend sent you?

No. Possible i wrote not clear.
I sent to him.
I tested in Assetto Corsa about 30 minutes, and worked fine.
When he start on his computer he found a problem as in movies.
Order no. P122588

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Please PM me about your email,thanks

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the headset back to me so i`ll fix it by self.

Ok, PM sent to you. Im waiting for response

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