[Replied]Horizontal lines on left screen when moving headset

The left screen on my Pimax 8k has horizontal lines whenever I move my headset. They closely resemble scan lines. Heliosurge suggested it could be a bad cable. How would I go about getting a replacement cable?

When was at VRTO @PimaxUSA had a extra headset & after the VRTO demonstrators at the end did some testing found it looked to be the cable .

Seems 1st batch of cables were good & an unkown number of headsets (housing & displays) were exceptional in quality.

@anon74848233 @Doman.Chen Can you guys please help me :slight_smile:

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It’s only in one screen. There’s also a dead pixel/stuck pixel in that screen. It seems to be green though, so I can probably unstuck it somehow.

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Please PM me with details,thanks.

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