[Replied]Flashing Red/Green Dots. Sound output crackles extremely

Got my Pimax 5k a few days ago. Unfortunately it also has the problem that pixels light up briefly in the whole picture. In addition, the sound over the headphone connection of the pimax is extremely creaking.
Alu foil helped a bit for the pixels. but it’s not a good solution.
Different ports tried. USB and DP
with and without extensions
All devices such as monitor, mouse, sound cards etc. unplugged.
DP Cable in the Pimax reconnected.
Nothing really works for me.
I need help please.
Baker 5621
Cannot sign up a new account in the support forum.

Update. The creaking sound is because of an USB extension. I will try it with a new USB 3.1 extension again.

take a longer Password in the Support Forum…

The sign up page does not appear. My passwort has more than 10 digits…
I’ll try again when the signup page is available.

to info: For me, the support page is currently accessible.

Support page seems to be hit n miss.

Sounds like a possible cable issue. Headphones on mine I found usually a couple of light taps on the plug has resolced mine. But some are not as fortunate.

@anon74848233 add to earlybackers & please look into support page.

I still cannot create a support account. When i click on Sign up for an account
. Nothing happens

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Yeah this seems to be hit n miss & they really need to look into it.

@anon74848233 @Sean.Huang @PimaxUSA

Please send your message to alan.sun@pimaxvr.com

Is Alan’s email fixed? Earlier today mail would be returned as undeliverable.

Yes,we have fixed it already.

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Can you look into Supen 1604 (address change)

Thank you

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alan will reply to that ticket soon.

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The sign up is working now.
I’ve opened a ticket SUPEN-2293.
Do i have now 2 Tickets? SUPEN-2293 and SUPEN-1604

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No supen 1604 is mine. Related to a simple address change. A month a go. Easy ticket to close.

Email is still faulty

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Almost a hard week troubleshooting Pimax 5k+
Summarized again, also as help for other Pimax users
I also have the problem with the RGB pixels lighting up and the cracking sound through the headphone jack of the Pimax.

Crashing sound:
The reason was a USB extension. NO PASSIVE USB EXTENSION worked fine (3 different 3.1 extensions tested). A tip from a user in the forum worked. He used ViveLink as a pure USB extension with active power. I can confirm that the sound is perfect.
I am using the PC Port USB 3.1 Gen2. Gen1 and older has produced cracking sound for me.

RGB Pixels are flashing:
So far I could not achieve a satisfactory result.

This cable helps a little. But there are still the pixels that light up. There are less.
I can’t confirm aluminum foil yet. I am of the opinion that it helps minimally. It is slowly very time-consuming. I wouldn’t underline it as an improvement at first.
I tried the power supply in different sockets. Unfortunately it doesn’t help.
DP cable in the Pimax and unplug does not help.
Slowly I run out of ideas.

With all these measures a clear picture is available for a short time (for 5-10 min, if the Pimax was off for a longer time). But then it starts again with the flashing pixels. Mainly greens.

Without these measures the Pimax starts directly with all RGB colors in an extremely high number.
Unfortunately I don’t have any feedback on my support case yet.
The only thing that helps here is a replacement cable?

Update: from now on we have new USB names from USB-IF:

Original name previous name current name speed plug
USB 3.0 USB 3.1 Gen1 USB 3.2 Gen1 5 GBit/s USB-A/C
USB 3.1 USB 3.1 Gen2 USB 3.2 Gen2 10 GBit/s USB-A/C
USB 3.2 keine USB 3.2 Gen2x2 20 GBit/s USB-C

So, USB 3.2 Gen2 works fine
These new USB names are so stupid…

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Still no news for me :frowning:
Don’t know waht to do anymore, except to turn the whole device into an aluminum block

Still no answer. SUPEN-2293
I have to cancel the date showing the Pimax 5K in my business.
This is not a good advertising…
@PimaxVR we should fix this problem.
I set the next date on april, showing the Pimax device. I hope this is realistic…



We will send you a new cable asap,please wait patiently.